Environmental Assessment and Management

As a consulting company, AMB evaluates and reports on environmental effects and develops a plan to manage environmental performance, to be compliant with the country’s governmental regulations during all the stages of the project. At AMB, a team of experts works on environmental and sustainability parameters of plans, programs, and projects as follows:

  • A description of the affected environment.
  • Identification of potential environmental impacts of a project.
  • Quantification of potential environmental impacts.
  • Appraisal of the significance of environmental impacts.
  • Description of mitigation strategies for negative environmental impacts or of reasonable alternatives.
  • Preparation of reports and documents for the use of decision-makers.

Environmental Monitoring and Evaluations

AMB describes the processes and activities that need to take place, while observing the conditions of the environment to make sure that there is no harm or any negative impact on it, and so will help define any potentially critical issues.

Solid Waste and Water Waste Consultancy

As a waste management consultancy firm, AMB can assist your business with site selection, ​landfill engineering,​ and design, landfill permitting, and construction of a ​solid waste management facility​. Offering complete environmental and civil engineering services, geologic services, ​environmental consulting, and construction management services that will take your project to completion.

Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening

AMB offers technical support to individuals, organizations, and institutions. The company delivers services that build knowledge and skills, influence attitudes, and positively influence the working practices of the participants. Driven towards an objective to engage the client in refocusing and streamlining the structure, processes, management resources, and organizational abilities to perform the tasks and responsibilities assigned to it.

Master Planning for Development Projects

AMB consulting helps companies with ​master planning their development projects and achieve their development goals by:

  • Improving access to basic services such as water, sanitation, and sustainable energy.
  • Creating communities and cities that can produce and consume sustainably by innovation and resilient infrastructure.
  • Planning sustainable projects and having rules and actions prepared for the protection of nature.